Client Testimonials

"Lori Brown is a consummate professional. I have taken Pilates private lessons as well as currently have used her nutritional coaching lessons. I have used her integrative health expertise to eat better, exercise, and create personal/professional goals for myself. My initial goals were to lose weight, exercise more, eat more well-balanced meals. Lori got me on a healthy regime, she provided me with additional healthy recipes, and I purchased a stationary bike. The supplements she recommended for me, boosted my mood. I feel more optimistic/clear thinking, I feel more life energy, and can laugh more. I would recommend Lori to anyone who wants to glean insights about their health and how to improve it. Aside from her professional expertise, she is a kind-hearted person, full of life and warmth. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about integrative fitness and health practices, should work with Lori!" 

- K.M. 8/2018

"I love dancing NIA with Lori. She brings mindfulness, passion and joy to each routine she teaches. I can arrive feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed and I leave refreshed and calm. So grateful to have this wonderful teacher and person in my life." 

- LuAnn 8/2018

”To all in our extraordinary NIA sisterhood: What an exuberant group we are, as shown in Lori's joyful photo!  Our hard work, dedication, willingness to take risks and stumble — they are the gifts that keep on giving.  I'm so proud of us all, and very grateful! Thank you!”

- Susan L. 8/2018

“My top 3 goals upon starting classes with Lori were to: Increase flexibility, to have better balance, to gain a better understanding of how connections in the body help with reducing pain. Lori constantly reminds me how everything is connected in the body; with an emphasis on breathing correctly, and the role prior injuries / habits have on our bodies. The biggest change I have noticed, is that I feel more vibrant and confident in everyday functions. I no longer have any pain on waking up in the morning. I have improved my balance — which is still a work in progress. Lori is simply the best integrative health coach ever!! She takes the time to answer questions, always explains why we are doing an exercise, with a comprehensive explanation. She always gives words of encouragement. I recommend Lori to anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy mental and physical lifestyle as they get older. She is a person of incredible integrity; through diverse techniques with which she is extremely confident, she makes activities interesting — never boring. She knows Pilates, MELT, Nia, NeuroKinetic Therapy very well; which all adds to making an incredible change in the body.” 

- Pamela B. 8/2018

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Lori, has been Breathing correctly — or at least 'more' correctly than before. This has been my biggest change. It was not something I had even thought about or anticipated at all! It has been my biggest surprise to find that breathing deeper and relaxing more completely has led to better integration of all my movements — especially my posture. The most significant global change has been the integration of all things from: eating, sleeping to walking correctly, standing correctly, exercising muscles deeply and efficiently. Tiny details are very important to the overall effects. Lori is an Exceptional integrative health and fitness coach. She has a high degree of expertise in all aspects. In addition, she has an unusual empathy that seems to come from her own personal experiences in trying to restore her body after injuries. I would recommend her to everyone. She responds to individuals’ differences and offers suggestions that one can apply to their own personal situation. She is exceptional with all age groups, tiny to ancient (like me!). Lori is a gifted teacher, and I've been taking classes for many — way too many years!” 

- Barbara D. 8/2018

“The top 3 goals I had in coming to see Lori: were to address my hip pain, knee pain, improve postural alignment, and to breathe more efficiently. She was able to help me with all these goals; using the MELT Method, fascial mobilization, and NeuroKinetic Therapy. I have gained a greater body awareness, and I am improving my form when exercising. Lori introduced me to Nia, the MELT Method, and NeuroKinetic Therapy. She is very knowledgeable with the multi-techniques she uses. She is very gentle and empathetic. Anyone who may be experiencing pain, or wanting to remain flexible, needs to learn how to do these techniques in achieving positive outcomes.” 

- Deanna T. 9/2018

“My goal in seeing Lori was to regain mobility, and to learn safe ways to use my body with my spinal issues. I needed to work on correcting my postural alignment, and ease of movement — without pain. Lori was able to help me work toward these goals with intense one-on-one instruction, fascial mobilization, observation, and correctibe movement techniques. The greatest change I was able to achieve was improvement in the curvature of my lower lumbar. I gained a greater understanding of safe movements to increase my mobility.I had confidence that my body was improving as I worked with Lori’s multi-modalities of instruction. I had to learn how to initiate movements without clenching my jaw!! I compensate by using my jaw muscle way too much when I am under stress. Lori brought that to my awareness, and retrained me to relax my jaw and use my core muscles. That awareness is now with me all the time. Lori was able to help me make improvements in my spinal, and gain a better awareness of my body. Lori is supportive, is flexible in working with my needs. She is very knowledgeable, and is always seeking more knowledge. I highly recommend Lori  in learning how to heal and improve weaknesses in your body, and to  strengthen safely.” 

- Kris M. 8/2018

“Lori is very knowledgeable and caring. I have taken classes from her for years, and have benefited greatly in many areas. She always does her best to improve my life both physically and mentally. Her desire is to treat the whole person, and no one does it better than she does. She always has helpful hints during the various classes and sessions. If you give her the opportunity, she will be a shining star in your  life — she is in mine!!” 

- Sharon R. 8/2018 

Lori Brown is the most compassionate, insightful, and knowledgeable integrative health advisor and coach I've ever met. I am particularly thankful for her wise guidance and kind care following my husband’s stroke! She helped my husband restore and improve his muscle function, strength, and flexibility throughout his recovery. Because of Lori, both of us are motivated to keep improving our physical health and well-being. We couldn’t be more thankful for her amazing care!” - Since 3/2011

- Linda Hartling, Ph.D.

- Richard Slaven, Ph.D.