Lori L Brown

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I am passionate about the health of the whole person. I love learning about the human body: how everything is intrinsically connected, how we function; and most importantly, how we heal. There is so much new research in helping us understand how every aspect of our lifestyle impacts our health. 

Research shows there is tremendous health benefits with mindfulness and having gratitude. Life satisfaction impacts our health parameters: having the love and support of our family, having a connection with our community, having a faith-based practice, finding satisfaction with a career -- finding joy in daily activities. We don't have control over world circumstances, but we can choose how we react to them....then move forward. We thrive when we get out in nature more often, and reconnect. We make healthy choices in nutritious foods to nourish and fuel our bodies. 

I am grateful for my own personal growth and healing. I delight in helping others succeed in finding their path to happiness, health and well-being.